New Yorker living in England with husband and beautiful baby daughter. Moved over to the UK after getting married and adjusting to life here ever since. I now have a gorgeous baby girl who gave me the honour of being a mother. I often live between two worlds. Home is a complicated term for me. Where is home now? As I struggle and glide between the complexity of what it means to live in the UK as an American, I am excited to share mostly about life as a mommy and everything around that.

Mommy or Mummy, what shall I have baby call me? That thought alone pretty much sums up what the trends of my journey, here in England, is like. The going back and forth and options and thoughts…lots of them! And there you have it, that’s how the name came about and stuck when I was pregnant. I am notoriously bad with keeping blogs alive. The previous ones have all shrivelled up and no longer exist from my lack of updates. But with motherhood, comes all things you want to remember and share. Between taking care of my little one and everything else, I must be mad to be having this blog.

Excited to share about lifestyle, Christian faith (not imposed on anyone) and all about motherhood and baby! Ah yes, and the lovely fibroids that I am fighting and sport in my body that sometimes makes me look like I am 20 weeks pregnant again. Oh the joy! Follow along!

P.S. I am rarely dressed like the above. On any given day, I am in jeans and an old v-neck, possibly a casual dress. Has been my go to OOTD for probably who knows how long. Wardrobe capsule…pshhh, I think I created that.