Embracing The ‘creative’ Again

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Last April, this was on my parents doorstep on the day I was leaving New York to return to the UK. Just opening this beauty from my friend at Logos_Calligraphy already had me tearing. Just look at it, it’s beautiful isn’t it?!

I teared because eventhough England is home for now, NY is still home. Each time I return, I feel like I am home. However, I also feel the distance growing between that feeling each time I visit. Less familiarity, less friends physically present as their own lives take them further away from New York, and less memories growing. What was once a place that had memories growing continuously has now stopped growing to only have sporadic ones. It’s a sad reality for me to accept and quite a scary one I have to admit. As more time passes, while it has become easier to keep in touch with family because of our seasons and technology, it has become harder to keep up with friends. Leaving NY is always an emotional affair which has changed since having strawberry shortcake. I now focus on the practicality and efficiency of traveling with a baby, now toddler. So I don’t really have the time to be crying as I see NY fade below me. But the last few days leading up to my departure is always tough for me and husband knows. He’s great at checking in with me to see how I’m doing and whether I need a listening ear.

SO with that as the backdrop, you can imagine how I felt receiving this to take back with me. It was precious. Initially, I had wanted to use this to practice writing signs and party decor for strawberry shortcake’s 1st birthday party/Dohl. With moving home three days after returning to the UK, the party 2 weeks after that and family flying over, I was in way over my head. I stared at it with loving eyes, opened it once and had to put it away until everything else got sorted.It’s been 6 months since! Fast forward to today and this would be my third time actually using it.

Background on my friend: She’s one of those friends you know you will always have a quality conversation with. We went to the same junior high school yet only knew of each other. It wasn’t until we reunited after college when we ended up serving at the same church. She’s been ahead of me in the world of marriage and motherhood. During the short time we served together, she was an encouragement. We haven’t been able to keep in touch very well as she now lives in California and I now live in the UK. I remember giving her a call the day her firstborn arrived. It’s not something I normally do or have ever done since then, but something in me was really compelled to do so. Perhaps a small outward expression of appreciation for our friendship and shared joy of her beginning her motherhood journey. I really do wish we could meet up and have a conversation over coffee, although now with three little ones between us…I’d be curious to see how long that conversation would last!

I’ve been asking her for years whether she’d be starting an online course and she HAS! I was super excited until life got super busy and I totally misread the registration deadline! But honestly, I am thankful I did miss it as it has been such a busy season. I feel like I say this all the time, but it really has been. I was hoping to work on it post-surgery while I rested in bed, but I sense God wants me to rest in Him. I will be reading, studying and filling my soul with his Word. But I can’t wait to sign up for the online course the next time it’s up!

Check her blog out to find out when that next one comes!

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‘Grace upon Grace’. It’s everywhere on Pinterest and I loved it. A little piece I wrote when I was pregnant for Strawberry Shortcake’s nursery. It was to remind me of God’s grace and a reminder to teach little one about it. With every stroke of my attempt at hand lettering, grace would also be in that.

Why I’m Embracing The ‘creative’ With a Lowercase c Again

First, I loved creative arts since I was a little girl. Art was my favourite class and after school I would look forward to creative lyrical dance. In University, I used to love my 3 hour art class that took place in a light flooded classroom on the top floor of a building with windows as ceilings. I used to love being creative with the interiors in my home because I didn’t have my own bedroom until I was about 19. My stepdad is also in the world of building & design, so you can imagine how much fun I had looking through his work! When my husband and I were dating, we used to talk about taking lyrical dance classes once we were married. It never happened as life got consumed with other things. All these creative things consumed me and in my fantasy world, that’s what I would do everyday. Create beautiful things and dance away. While I love what I do now, I could see myself spending my days away creating.

Anyway, over the years, I realised I stopped exploring new creative hobbies. When I found out I was pregnant with strawberry shortcake, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to start embracing the creative in me again. I had a London calligraphy class just a block from my office. It was on my list to do’s until I was medically told I needed to stay home. It was fine though. I embraced the nesting with both arms open, extremely thankful that I wasn’t spending my last 3 months of pregnancy in the hospital! But as I created calligraphy pieces and signed cards with it, I felt like I really needed to learn properly to give respect to this art.

Second, I believe God as our Creator is creative. I also believe that we are made in His image and we reflect that ability to create (to some degree) and be creative.I am not the Creative, but the creative. I am embracing this again. When we lose the ability to be creative, I think we can also lose passion. When we lose the ability to be creative, we can also lose the ability to have hope because we lose the ability to imagine what God could do and/or is doing currently. I don’t want to be in that place.

So I want to embrace this part of me that God has given me so I don’t completely lose it. I remember thinking as a child when do adults stop doing the creative things? I didn’t want to be like that. So, here’s to my child self…I won’t be.

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