How do moms find time to blog?

I definitely want to document my journey of motherhood and my baby growing up, but man, finding the time to do it seems impossible. Thankfully and not so thankfully, I have been in bed the past few days nursing my health back after a Laparoscopic Myomectomy and there just seems like a never-ending list of things to know in the world of blogging. Thankfully, I have a few friends that have been giving me nuggets of gold…in the blogging sense. Thank you for saving me some time because you know I don’t have much of it!

I have just joined bloglovin’ and here I am trying to test out my first attempt at writing a post through this platform. It didn’t work. I joined bloglovin’ because I really enjoy reading other stories on womanhood, motherhood, parenting, faith, eczema, interior design…the list does not end people. I probably don’t have the time to sit there and leisurely read, but for 2 minutes, I’ll believe I do. So far, I’m loving having all the blogs in one place, but I’m reading some posts about why some bloggers choose not to use it as well. What are your thoughts?




4 thoughts on “How do moms find time to blog?

    1. Hi Shannon! It’s a platform where you can search other blogs and follow along in one place. I’ve read there are some issues at the moment where blog posts will load to bloglovin’ but not you’re actual blog so I’m making my way through this new stuff! It really is a challenge isn’t it? 😛 Love your country lifestyle! Looking forward to reading more! =D

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