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Toddler Travel | 5 Airplane Entertainment Must-Haves

We just returned from our trip to NY visiting family. Half of my carry on was entertainment for the little one. Did we need them all? No. So I thought I’d share which ones we used and were enough. It’s also a reminder for our next trip which will be to Asia! So come follow along on our journey by
Every time I travel with our toddler, I have a pretty good experience. In fact, every flight was a great experience and my anxiety was way beyond what it needed to be. While watching all those youtube videos helped, I think it has scared me more than I needed to be, but also helped me to prepare well. So by this time, I was pretty chilled out with a splash of nerves for the what if.
Strawberry shortcake is turning 2 soon and she already has 10 flights and 2 long distance train trips under her belt. But still, I anticipate each flight with ‘what if’s’ and pack accordingly to that statement. This time, I share how I traveled with my 20 month old on a 7-8 hour flight from London to New York and back. Are you anxious about your next flight with your toddler? Let’s jump right in and check out my 5 must-haves for toddler flight entertainment for a no-fuss chilled out flight! Here they are in no particular order.
Note: (There are no affiliate links in this post, just all products I love!)
(2 for £7)
I bought two sticker books from ASDA. They were having a deal so I took it. Strawberry shortcake has been obsessed with anything that sticks and peels off. Here are the two I chose. She loves Peppa Pig and she knows the other story from receiving the book in a party goody bag.
Money saving tip: If you like this story, just buy the sticker book as it includes the actual full story.
Tip for next time? Buy a reusable sticker book. I knew this, but my indecisiveness took too long to decide which one to get!
ASDA has a special section of small foam sticker packs. To my joy, they had dinosaurs and stars in their collection. Something strawberry shortcake is absolutely obsessed with at the moment. She can say both words (although she now calls dinosaurs dragons, a proud mama moment here) so it was a no-brainer. Practice speaking, sensory-motor skills, language and object identification in one? Yes please! As you can see, I got a few others too.
I also bought sticky notes in the shape of a heart, apple and star, all items strawberry shortcake can identify. Please excuse the appearance of the properly used items. I was too jet lagged to neatly arrange for this photo.
I also bought a bright plastic case (£2) for easy identification for when the lights go off and to double duty as something little one can play with. There are two compartments to it and I fell in love with it as soon as I found it. Although it’s cheap, it’s quality in that it’s easy to open and close unlike those cheap ones you find at the £1 shop that never align!
On the top, I placed hairbands, sticky notes, and a stackable crayon I can’t remember where I got from. Yay to finding treasures at home! In the bottom compartment, I put all the stickers and kept them in their packs to make sure little one didn’t use them all up in one go! It is key to time manage and divide the entertainment to last for the whole flight for that ‘WHAT IF my toddler doesn’t sleep at all?’ flight. Thankfully, little one always sleeps.
(£1 and £2.50)
I bought two because they were cheap and was worried one would break.
It’s from a pound shop and I get asked where I got this from VERY often. I bought it last summer and has lasted very well. I can’t remember whether the red string comes with it.
The drawing pad acts similarly except you have to pull it out and push it back in to ‘erase’ the previous drawing. It’s from Flying Tiger and I love how thin and light it is. It’s easy to just pop in your bag for whenever! Fun fact: They now have these stores in NY! I was so surprised to see it at the mall on my last visit. Unfortunately, it’s quite fragile and strawberry shortcake ripped it shortly after returning home and now doesn’t really erase. Good thing is, it’s easy to fix!
I drew different animals and objects and asked her to identify what they were and what sounds they made. Although I knew she could identify them all, I was suddenly surprised at how much my toddler knew and had another proud mommy moment here.
4. Pom Pom Balls & Non-Spill Paint Cup
£1 each at ASDA
You’ve probably seen this activity in every toddler sensory play Pinterest board, but I’d like to take credit for using a non-spill paint cup! If it exists already…then at least I can reassure myself that I don’t need Pinterest for ideas? (Yea right!)
I thought the opening on top was the perfect size and bought a bag of variety pom pom balls.Tip for packing, place all the pom poms in the cup. Just empty the cup of the pom poms around your toddler and get her to drop it in the cup one by one.
5. Tablet
Okay, this section has a few items, but it’s all used together. This was my most expensive investment, but thankfully we already had an Amazon Fire 7 we bought on Black Friday two years ago for a ridiculous price I cannot remember. A few days before our flight, I ordered some headphones and a case. (Thank you Amazon Prime.) We do not use the tablet much so I never really needed these items. I’ll admit, buying a case/cover was one of those buys I saw other moms do so I probably just got carried away with my spending and added it. This was to be used as a last resort! Indeed, we only needed it for a few minutes! (Thank goodness)
The headphones lasted about a minute until strawberry shortcake took them off. She was fine with just watching without audio. She actually ended up playing with the headphones as a toy. I was really impressed with these headphones as the audio doesn’t go above a certain level to protect little one’s ears. It is also made of free material and easy to clean!
The case was amazing. The alphabet and letters give it extra entertainment and it stands well on its own.
I downloaded about 20 shows from Netflix in case something happened to any of the downloads, I would have a surplus of backups. In the end, I used the tablet the least and think she watched only a few minutes of it before she wanted to sleep.
Has this been helpful? Which one would you like to try? If you try any of these, I’d love to hear how it went! Also, check back for a review on a toddler plane pillow and some other travel survival tips with a toddler!
See you soon!

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