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Why You Should Take Another Look At Your Shampoo

We recently returned from our Tuscan adventure with more rolls and smiles. Happy tummies all around for sure. Another reason for the smiles was being able to advocate products that do not contain phthalates. As some of you already know from following my Instagram, I have fibroids. I had a Laparoscopic Myomectomy last November to remove the largest one that caused me to have a 20 week sized uterus! While I am not a medical professional, and the causes of fibroids are still not entirely figured out, there is a lot of research out there that shows fibroids are a hormone issue. There are also many articles that show how plastics have an effect on our hormones. For years, I have tried using less plastic and avoiding products containing something called phthalates and when I share this with friends, they often do not know what this is.

So when women ask me about fibroids and what products I recommend, I get really excited. I wish women did not have to experience things like fibroids, but the truth is, many women have it. In fact, many women have it without even knowing it! You can start fighting against it by changing your household products.

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked throughout my whole life is ‘What shampoo do you use?’ I’ve been asked about my hair products more times than I can remember. I’ve been through my hair obsessed days when I was younger and the I could care less about my hair days when I was studying. I want to share why we should all be looking at our shampoos and conditioners.

What are Phthalates?

There is a long definition for it, but basically it is what makes plastics stretch and more pliable. They are also hormone disruptors. It is often disguised on our shampoo bottles as ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’. Yea that nice smell that is pleasing to your olfactory system may actually be toxic! It is known to be carcinogenic, but as with all things, lots of things are up for debate. Again, I am not a profession in this field.

As I researched natural remedies for shrinking or preventing fibroids, I came across this term every now and then over the years. Now, it’s much more well known and thankfully some beauty products have been changing because of this awareness. For the past few years, I have found a very limited list of phthalate free shampoos and conditioners. I have tried several, but I find myself always coming back to Theorie shampoos and conditioners. Their bottles indicate being free of phthalates and I find my hair to be softer when using it compared to other phthalate-free hair products. I usually stock up on these babies and end up buying enough to last me a whole year! The only drawback is that it is significantly more expensive than your usual drugstore option. How do I afford it? Confession: I purchase them at our local TK Maxx. But even when my hair is super long, the 800ml bottle lasts me ages!


I love the pump that it comes with and is easy to pump. I am not sure if it’s the packaging and quality of phthalate free shampoos, but I often find other phthalate-free shampoo/conditioner bottles or pumps are quite difficult or require a lot of pressure. Perhaps it is due to phthalate-free packaging?

I feel scared now that the stock I rely on will now never be there at my local TK Maxx! I joke. Kind of. But hey, we must all share and I’m all for helping each other out!

After finding out I was pregnant with Strawberry Shortcake, I knew I wanted to be more cautious with the products I chose to use on my body. I felt reassured with Theorie and even after she was born, I felt quite reassured. If you have read previous posts, you know about our daughter’s eczema and so I particularly wanted to make sure I knew what I was using in the shower. One doesn’t realise how much thought goes into taking care of a baby’s sensitive skin until it becomes your story. I wondered about my bath products leaving anything on my skin and whether it would affect my baby when she touches me during skin to skin or even breastfeeding. If this is you, I just want to tell you, you are not alone. I know sometimes this journey can really break us as moms and I just want to encourage you by saying, I know it is hard and I know you are doing your best even when your best doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

Are you struggling with your fibroids or are you trying to be more mindful of what kind of products you are putting on your skin post-baby? Let me know what products you highly rate in the comments below as I would love to get to know them too!

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